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Frequently Asked Questions

How have Warren & West found me?

Often people are surprised how we can find them. We use all the resources available to any member of the public. The most informative records that lead us to people are birth, marriage and death indexes as well as various editions of the electoral roll.

Why do estates go unclaimed?

When people die without leaving a will and without any known next of kin, their estate passes to the Treasury Solicitor. After thirty years, if no-one has claimed the estate the money will pass to H M Government.

Warren & West won’t tell me which estate they think I am entitled to before I sign up?

This is because much effort goes into locating beneficiaries of an estate and, to cover our costs and to run a successful business means that we have to maximise the number of prospects that sign up. This cannot be achieved by disclosing the name of the intestator (the person who has died without leaving a will) before you sign up.

Do I have to sign up with Warren & West?

Of course not. Warren & West will not put any pressure on you. You are fully entitled to make your own investigations and to pursue a claim with the Treasury Solicitor directly.

If I am the only one to sign up, do I receive the whole estate?

No. The laws of intestacy still apply and the estate must be distributed according to law. If you sign a contract with Warren & West, we will represent you in making a claim to the Treasury Solicitor or the appointed administrator of the estate to make sure you receive your due share.

If I sign up and it turns out I am not entitled to the estate, do I have to pay any fees?

No. You only pay us if you receive a share or part of the estate at the agreed level. If your claim is unsuccessful, you do not pay a penny. Warren & West bear all the costs of investigating the estate.

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